The Commission Process

Commissioning an art quilt, whether it is for your home or for an institution, begins with a conversation about the space the quilt is going to “live” in and the elements that will influence the choices– size, color, and, most importantly, the flowers and concept that will inspire the piece. If possible, I will visit the space, but I find this is more common when dealing with an institutional installation.

The next step is for me to begin drawing a scale version. I usually present two ideas accompanied by swatches of some the fabrics I may be using. It is at this point that a design selection is made, or, if necessary, I rework the design based on the dialog during the meeting.

Once we agree on all aspects and the contract is signed, I commit to a time frame for the piece and I get to work!

Fabric is my “paint”, and although I will present a colored design version, the actual fabrics that I select will introduce color values, pattern, and personality to the work. The quilting, embellishment and handwork that I do to the surface of the piece will add elements of texture and dimension and it is at this point that the quilt truly evolves in magical way.

When the quilt is completed, it is either hand -delivered or shipped, and I am happy to advise on (and be available for) installation.