Nature’s Ornaments

Triptych total size “65” h x 56”w •  Date of completion May 2007

Scroll #1 The Ash Seed Pod  |  Scroll # 2 Purple Hyacinth Bean seed pod  |  Scroll #3 The Horse Chestnut seed pod

Nature bestows many gifts on us. The bud, the blossom, the leaves in all their wonderful sizes and shapes consume our attention. During a walk last autumn, appreciating the colors of the fallen leaves, my eye came upon a generous collection of horse chestnut seed pods. The texture and shape fascinated me and this sparked a new obsession… the seedpods that adorn the trees and plants as the summer season fades into fall and then winter. I began to seek out these ornaments of nature and embracing the challenge of how to capture them in fabric. The scroll-like triptych Nature’s Ornaments is a new series that I will continue to explore.

Medford Lakes Autumn Trilogy

The trilogy celebrates the seedpods we discover on the trees and shrubs in autumn. The backgrounds represent the fall colors reflecting on a lake in Medford, New Jersey.

Triptych total size 58” x 48”(with 2” between quilts)

cactus bee caladium  mutations nature’s ornaments