Seven Species

16997781_1742728059301166_7500075276099835946_nSeven quilts total size 144”w x 50″h|
quilt size 18”w x 50”h
Date of completion June 2009

This commission was an opportunity to explore another element of nature – trees and fruits, with the synagogue’s interest in a biblical connection. The Hebrew Bible describes Israel as a land blessed with seven fruits and grains called the seven species. Challenged and inspired by the vast wall dimensions, I created the quilts in 7 panels and introduced the topography of Israel in the background and created unity in the piece. The beautiful wood frame was created by craftsman Bernard Henderson.

Quilt #1 Grapes  |  Quilt# 2 Wheat  |  Quilt# 3 Fig  |  Quilt#4 Pomegrante  |  Quilt #5 Olives  |  Quilt# 6 Barley  |  Quilt # 7 Dates