Seven Species

16997781_1742728059301166_7500075276099835946_nSeven Species Quilts

Seven quilts total size 144”w x 50″h
quilt size 18”w x 50”h
Date of completion June 2009

This commission was an opportunity to explore another element of nature – trees and fruits, with the synagogue’s interest in a biblical connection. The Hebrew Bible describes Israel as a land blessed with seven fruits and grains called the seven species. Challenged and inspired by the vast wall dimensions, I created the quilts in 7 panels and introduced the topography of Israel in the background and created unity in the piece. The beautiful wood frame was created by craftsman Bernard Henderson.

Quilt #1 Grapes  |  Quilt# 2 Wheat  |  Quilt# 3 Fig  |  Quilt#4 Pomegrante  |  Quilt #5 Olives  |  Quilt# 6 Barley  |  Quilt # 7 Dates

Torah Mantles and  Lecturn Cover

In February 2017 Two Torah mantles, a lecturn cover and torah reader cover featuring the imagery of the original 2009 seven species series  were dedicated in the Magill Chapel at Germantown Jewish Center in West Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.




Seven Species The Journey Turn, Turn, Turn Chuppah