AO Fox Memorial Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brand

Mr. and Mrs. George Breslau

Mr.  Gary Bridges

Shirley Brown and Henry Salama

Ms. Rebecca Carli

Karen H. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Carroll

Concentrics Corporation

Congregation Dorshei Derekh

Congregation Or Hadash

Crozer Cancer Center

Crozer-Keystone Healthcare Clinic

Bob Epstein

Ms. Leah Erikson

Dr. and Mrs. Stanton Felzer

Mrs. Alice Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Frenkel

Germantown Jewish Center

Mr. and Mrs Sandor Gottlieb

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Groben

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Heyman.

Dr. Jaclyn Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Max Jaffe

Ms. Linda Joy

Edith Klausner

Jack and Fredda London

Dr. Barbara Medoff

Ms. Betty Michelson

The Miquon School

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mintzer

Mr. David Mintzer

Jim and Peggy Muntz

Dr. and Mrs. Phil Rampulla

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Schienfeld

Mr. and Mrs.  Dan Schwartzman

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Segal

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Siegel

Ms. Sherry Siegelman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sklar

Mr. and Mrs Sheldon Silverberg

Taylor Hospital

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Waldman